Collab With Me

I'm always open to doing collaborative posts with fellow bloggers; they're a great way to reach new readers and make friends in the blogosphere. What's not to love!? If you're interested in doing a collaborative post with me, simply tweet or email me and lets get chatting.

What does a collaborative post involve?
First we'll swap ideas about what subject to create a post on, things like "current favourite drug store products" or maybe "Christmas gift guide for her" and then we'll each create our own content on that subject to post to our own blogs. At the top and bottom of the post, I (and you) make sure to tell my readers that this is a "collab post" with [insert blog name here] and link to your post. I also shout out your blog in a tweet, follow you on Bloglovin, Google+ and Twitter and expect you to do the same. I only collab with bloggers who have a similar amount of subscribers, as this keeps it fair to both of us and makes sure we're both benefiting as much as each other. So let's get in touch and be friends! It'd be great to generate some fresh and exciting posts with fellow beauty lovers.
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