What camera do you use for your blog photos and how do you edit them?
I use a Samsung NX3000 which I love!
As for editing, I keep it really simple and just use a mixture of Windows Photo Editor, Instragram and PicMonkey

Do you have an upload/posting schedule?
Yes. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Will you give a shout out to my blog?
Yes! Well... sort of. Check out my collab with me page for more info.

How do I follow your blog?
You can follow my blog in lots of ways, the easiest of which is probably through Bloglovin. Simply make an account with them, come back to my blog and click "follow me on Bloglovin" and hey presto! - You'll see my newest posts every time you log in to your Bloglovin account. You can also follow me on Google+ by adding me to your circles.

What do you do for a living?
 Unfortunately, as my blog makes approximately £0 a year, I also have to work full time for a living.
Right now I have two jobs. Monday-Wednesday I work at a college, supporting and helping students, and Thursday-Friday I work for a large logistics company, running their social media, managing their advertising and writing press releases.
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